Puzzleman Abducted but now is back

So its been a while been posts. Horrific attention to such an important part of the business. But I have been anything but idle. I have been attending trade events, getting new distributors up and running, and generally experiencing the complete ‘traffic jam’ of modern, fast-paced life.

One thing you learn from life is that sometimes the best creations are actually unplanned accidents, the law of unintended consequences you might say. Well this happened to me just last month when I had to print a beautiful artwork by Belinda Williams, a portrait of the legendary Mexican artist Frieda Kahlo. The printers had not set the machine to colour and as a result the artwork was printed in greyscale. And it was beautiful!! Naturally the original colour work is no slouch, but in black and white it took on another different look. A life of its own.

Not that the original wasn’t spectacular . . .

Do you like it?

Don’t be shy. Let me know your thoughts.

All the very best to you all, and I’ll be back very soon.

Adult wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

It was way back in 1985 that I first learnt from the musician Billy Joel that you always get a sense of where you stand from the Piano Man. So it was really nice for that to ring true for me. So anyway something far more relevant. Okay so I’m not living in Beverley Hills 90210, that may be obvious to many. BUT I’m really using this “necessity is the mother of invention” hard wiring us humans have evolved over the millenia to to my darnest to ensure I have some harder puzzles coming from the saw cut wooden puzzles. So I have done my first 176 piece wooden A3 size puzzle.


As mentioned these are 176 pieces . . .

It took exactly 92 minutes for what I would call a “darn fine” puzzler, (no folks – not me) to finish. Here are some action shots . . .


So needless to say, enormous fun was had by all!! The puzzler felt like she was a victim of paparazzi the way I hassled her through-out the challenge. Ahhh good times . . .

(PS – I am such an efficient user of resources, that rather than re write all this for facebook profile – why not just copy and paste). Now that “capacity utilisation”. Or is it, “resource efficiencies”?? Nahh, it’s “slovenly apathy”!!)

(PPS – No cute little emoticons, stars or symbols in WordPress. Once you get in the habit of emoticons, its a hard path out of addiction).


Lets call it A “Practice Run”

Tonite’s first blog. Wow its 9pm and I’m still on the computer. Yes the glamorous life of an entrepreneur. Lets face it, its $20 for an entree and $35 for a main out there – so well with a balance sheet to build here, I guess its the two “p’s” for me – pizza and push ups!! I’m not even going to guess what the perverts out there were expecting, but thats pretty innocent. Anyway my blogs will be heading upwards in terms of professionalism and relevance starting tomorrow – promise. Check me out on facebook as well. I’m pretty hopeless with that so its worth a laugh or two. Also can be a great example of a lame attempt at social media.